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Happy Easter!

Hello, dear players of Alphax50!

Happy Easter to everyone! I hope you all had a lovely few days off.
As a little Easter treat, every acc registered before 4.04.2021 got a GC bonus of 5000 GC!

Don't forget to vote, so we can get more players to enjoy the game together!

Cya all online!

2021-04-05 09:55

Secure your account!

Hello players!

Sadly, we have got few reports of user accounts being emptied and Gold Credits being stolen. How did this happen?
Well, there is a reason we always say that you should not use same login data in other servers. Very often closed(or not even closed) server admins try their luck with accessing other servers with same login data as their players use in their server. If you have same login data everywhere - you won't even know who did that. That's why I tell you now - change your password! 

If you use same Unique code / secret answer in other servers - let me know on private in Discord and I can change that code for you - for free ofcourse. 


"This won't happen to me!" - Don't believe it. It will, and then it will be too late. Contact me to change your access data and THEN it won't happen to you. 
My nickname in discord group is ADMIN and it is in RED color. 
To change your login data you will need to know your password, email and unique code. If you can't tell me all these things - I will not change your login data

2021-02-23 15:20

Update #1

Hello players! We are following your suggestions to improve gameplay and here is some info about what we have done in past days/week.

[UPDATE] Grand Reset system.(Suggestion)

From today to make 1 Grand Reset you don't need 50 resets. You need only 20. Why? Because, after Grand Reset stats are deleted and 10k stat points after 50 reset is a bit short. Now you got 10k stat points for every 20 resets, which means you lose only ~half of stats when you Grand Reset the first time. 
Also rewarding system has changed. Grand Reset rewards are following:
Points = Grand Reset count * 10 000
Gold Credits = Grand Reset count * 2 000 (Yes - at 10 Grand Resets reward is 20k Gold Credits)

[UPDATE] Zen drop(Suggestion)

Zen drop from mobs is increased by 200%. Some of you probably noticed that already. 

[UPDATE] Jewel drop

Jewel drop is lowered by 80%(!!!). This will make Jewels more valuable in game not only to get zen, but to trade aswell. 

[UPDATE] Party exp

Party expierience is lowered by few precent. This was done to make game process a bit slower, because we all know what happened in first day of opening.... laughing

[UPDATE] Reset cost(Suggestion)

Reset cost is still 5kk zen * reset count, but now it is limited to 50kk.

[UPDATE] Exchange system

Some of you already noticed that we have added Gold Credits => Zen exchange in Currency exchange.
Rate is high: 1 Gold Credit = 300k zen.
Also wCoinC <==> wCoinP exchange with rate 1:1 is added. Some players do mistakes, now it's not a big deal.

[UPDATE] Credits currency.

We have finally removed Credits currency. In stead we have added Goblin Points in Web. Goblin Points are used in X Shop, they are added for online time. 

2021-02-14 02:39

Alpha Mu Online x50

Welcome to Alpha Mu Online Season 6 x50 project!
We have created this project with passion to Mu Online.
Here is the information you need to choose to play with us!

Grand Opening 6 February 2021! 

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Server description:
Basic info:

Exp: 50x
Master exp: 15x
Drop: 50%
Zen drop: 50%
Version: Season 6 Episode 3 Full
Points per level: 5/7/7/7
Max level: 400
Max master level: 200
Max stats: 32767
Reset in WEB

-1st reset level: 380
-2nd reset level: 385
-3rd reset level: 390
-4th reset level: 395
-5th+ reset level: 400

Reset cost: 5kk zen * reset count
Stats stay
Items stay
Skills Stay

Grand Reset in WEB

Reset stats = 10k free points * grand reset count
Gold credits reward = 4k Gold Credits * grand reset count
Items stay
Require 50 resets

Party exp setting(individual expierience):

Same character class

-Party 2 players: EXP + 10%
-Party 3 players: EXP + 15%
-Party 4 players: EXP + 20%
-Party 5 players: EXP + 40%

Different character class

-Party 2 players: EXP + 15%
-Party 3 players: EXP + 20%
-Party 4 players: EXP + 25%
-Party 5 players: EXP + 45%


/addstr - Add strength
/addagi - Add agility
/addvit - Add stamina
/addene - Add energy
/addcmd - Add command
/re [on/off] - Show/Hide(Deny) all incomming requests from players
/re auto - Show all incomming requests from players, auto accept Party requests

Chaos machine rates

Item +10, +11 = 70%
Item +12, +13 = 65%
Item +14 = 55%
Item +15 = 50%
Wings 1lvl = 90%
Wings 2lvl = 70%
Wings 3lvl = 50%
Dinorant = 70%
Pet mix rate= 60%
Feather of Condor = 40%

Mu Helper

Available from level 80
Require ZEN(insignificant amount)


Blood Castle
Devil Square
Chaos Castle
Castle Siege
Illusion Temple
Moss merchant
Fortress of Imperial Guardian

Spots(8-12 monsters)

Lorencia (16),
Noria (9),
Elbeland (10),
Devias 2 (3),
Devias 3 (7),
Devias 4 (4),
Atlans 1 (8),
Atlans 2 (6),
Aida (3),
Icarus (2(Huge ones)),
Losttower 1 (5),
Losttower 7 (7),
Tarkan (5),
Tarkan 2 (4),
Kanturu 1 (2),
Kanturu 2 (3),
Kanturu Relics (5),
Karutan (7),
Karutan 2 (4),
Arena 1 (33),
Arena 2 (28).


Maximal EXC Options: 2
Maximal Socket Options: 2

Castle Siege details

Winning guild of Castle Siege will get Extra prize. The prize will be one 3 EXC Option item of choice for all participants of Castle Siege winning Guild and two 3 EXC Option items for Guild Master of this Guild. To claim the prize you will need to post a screenshot with an open Guild window in-game to the forum, so we can see which players of Guild are online in Castle Siege server at Castle Siege time. If the guild is big then there can be multiple screenshots, but in next screenshot has to be visible previous screenshot last online player(to cut of scammers). Prizes will be added ASAP, but no later than 2 days after Castle Siege is finished. 3 EXC Option items are not available for Donate / in-game loot, so this prize will prove that you are a true master of Mu Online

Bosses drop

Kundun - Item count: 6, Item chance: 80%, Exc / Ancient items (40%), Maximal item level: 4, Zen: 2kk.

Maya hands - Item count: 3, Item chance: 100%, Exc / Non-Exc items, Maximal item level: 7 and 2,7% chance of Condor Flame and 9,4% chance of Bundled Gemstone(10) drop.

Nightmare - Item count: 5, Item chance: 100%, Exc / Non-Exc items, Maximal item level: 7 and 4% chance of Condor Flame and 9,4% chance of Bundled Gemstone(10 - 20) drop.

Selupan - Item count: 6, Item chance: 70%, Exc / Socket + Exc items, Maximal item level: 7, Zen: 2kk.

Medusa - Item count: 6, Item chance: 100%, Ancient(15%) / Socket + Exc items, Maximal item level: 7.

Friend invite system

For each invited friend you can get 100 Gold Credits and your friend will get 50 Gold Credits after both of you are level 320+. There is no limit of how many friends you can invite. To find your invation link go here. This will also finish your first achievement. To complete the requirements you have 10 days time (get 320 level). 

VIP System

Our server has an VIP system. It is Website-VIP only, VIPs doesn't have any in-game bonuses. We have 3 VIP levels:

Silver VIP:

Reset level = -4 levels
Grand Reset reward increase by: 21%
Information hide cheaper by: 51%
Grand Reset 2nd reward: 202 WCoinC
Game Panel modules cheaper by: 11%

Gold VIP:

Reset level = -12 levels
Grand Reset reward increase by: 23%
Information hide cheaper by: 53%
Grand Reset 2nd reward: 206 WCoinC
Game Panel modules cheaper by: 13%

Platinum VIP:

Reset level = -20 levels
Grand Reset reward increase by: 25%
Information hide cheaper by: 55%
Grand Reset 2nd reward: 210 WCoinC
Game Panel modules cheaper by: 15%

Achievement system

With this system you can earn Gold Credits for WebShop with almost everything you do in game and website. Also it has Ranking system and different Laurels. Here is some examples for what you get rewarded for:

+Reaching specific stats,
+Reaching first reset and resets after,
+Vote reward usage(Extra Gold Credits),
+Character zen(!!),
+Market item selling,
+Market item buying,
+Friend invite,

2021-02-05 11:54
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