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  • No-Sound Client
    Download and install no sound client to play MU Online!
  • No_Sound Client 1.4 Google Drive 574 MB
    No_Sound Client 1.4 574 MB
  • Full Client
    Download and install full client to play MU Online!
  • Full Client 1.4 Google Drive 1 GB
    Full Client 1.4 Mega.Nz 1 GB
  • If your antivirus 'swears' at the MuOnline client files and considers some of them as a virus or suspicious and deletes them, then add reported client files to the antivirus exceptions.
    Game files are not dangerous and do not pose a threat to your computer.
  • System Requirements
    Please check your system requirements to ensure your system is suitable for your selected game.
Component Requirements
Operating System Windows XP
Processor Pentium 4 – 2.0 Ghz or higher
System Memory 1 GB or higher
Video Card 3D graphics processor
DirectX Version DirectX 9.0c or higher
Hard Disk Space 2GB or higher
  • Graphic Drivers
    Make sure you have the latest drivers installed. The links below will help you update the drivers best suited for your system.

To enter the game download this Game Client. 

Problems running game? Follow these steps!


1. In case of weird glitches in game please download VCredist all in One and install them. 
2. Enable DEP, follow these steps:

Right Click on Computer
Advanced System Set
Perfomance (visuals,proc,mem etc) click Settings
Data Execution Prevention
Add/Browse Main.exe => Apply/OK.
Restart PC


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